Down Draft Tables

Micro Air’s® EXTREME AIR-MAX Downdraft Tables or the line of ducted dry or wet tables,  provide a modular, portable and adjustable downdraft work surface ideal for welding, grinding, soldering, sanding and other finishing processes. They offer the flexibility to configure a worktable to exactly meet application needs, space, and worker preference.
Down-Draft-TablesDowndraft Tables draw contaminants away from worker vision and breathing zones, increasing work quality and decreasing air quality hazards to workers in surrounding areas. Tables can be configured with a variety of options to fit individual needs. So whether you’re looking for a self-contained table, or one to be ducted to other equipment, Micro Air® provides the unit to address your particular needs.






MicroAir XA23MFollow this link to view a video on the  latest Downdraft Table by Micro-Air.
Extreme Air-Max XA23M Features and Benefits.

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