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    Dust Collectors

    We offer turnkey installation and fabrication of any type of collector, system, hood and ductwork.

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    Air Cleaners

    We offer turnkey installation and fabrication of any type of air cleaning system, hood and ductwork.

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    Air Curtains

    EA offers our customers the latest technology in the fabrication and installation ofair curtains.

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    EA provides everything from sourcing to installing to starting the vacuum system.

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    With our snap-together ductwork, each section of duct connects quickly with a simple tool-free clamp.

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    Air Filters

    Keep your equipment running efficiently and energy smart with our complete line of high-performance air filters.

Environmental Air Technology

Environmental Air Technology is a family-owned company that offers viable and economical solutions for your industrial air filtration needs and for your liquid filtration requirements. We supply the industry’s best products at a competitive price. When purchasing from Environmental Air, we get it right the first time.

Environmental Air is a one-stop shop offering solutions and labor for your project. We have very quick response times for site visits, providing quotes and solutions and delivering equipment—dust collectors, oil mist collectors, vacuum systems, ductwork, replacement filters, wet collectors, welding fume collectors, smoke collectors and many other types of application specific equipment. Read More…